Looking Back

Some of my favorite women's portraits...click on the image for a larger version and the identity of the sitter.


Brushes With Fame is meant to serve as a supplement to my web site

As we enter a new decade I thought I should include work from the last decade that has not been seen on either site. Please click on any image to see a larger version.

A detail of my portrait of Carrie Hamilton (Carol Burnett's daughter) shows her exuberant spirit and lasting legacy of love and laughter.

A portrait of my friend, NY Times best-selling writer Christopher Rice, captures the intensity he brings to his novels.

A portrait of actor/ singer Jay Brannan portrays his soulful nature.

A double portrait of Alexander Christenson captures his complexity as a photographer, cinematographer and designer.

Mark and David are life partners.

Actor Rich Delia posed for me in 2006.

Commissioned portraits of professionals, socialites, and children comprise a major part of my work. Here are few from recent years that have not been posted before.

Dr. Jesse Cumbia

Mrs. Marge Camenzind

and a number of chidren's portraits, both full frame and detail....

I encourage you to explore more fully below and view previous entries in Brushes With Fame.