Marcus Raul Black (1970-2012)
This painting was a gift for my friend, Dustin Lance Black, human rights activist and Oscar winning screenwriter of the movie "Milk." Lance remembers,  "I love my big brother more than I can describe. We survived a lot and  of dark days when we were little boys. I won’t go into the details, but I don’t think I would have made it without him."

Michael Whitehouse has been a part of the hospitality industry for several decades.  His career spans from New York City to Los Angeles, where he worked with such great chefs as Jonathan Waxman, Michael McCarty, Mark Peel, Nancy Silverton, Roland Gibert and Susan Tract.
Michael’s culinary studies started at the Kump Institute in New York City aiding him in his career of hotel and restaurant management.  In 2001 he branched out on his own as a personal chef for several of LA’s elite households.
Being a private chef introduced him to the world of photo shoots, and on set catering.  In 2003, photographer, Kwaku Alston, and producer Franny Legge introduced him to the industry.
Since 2003 he has enjoyed being at the helm of his own company, Whitehouse Dish, and catering to the photo industry, TV, catering and event planning for weddings, events, openings and private dinners.