Keanu Reeves
40” X 30”


In the early summer of 2004, I met Keanu Reeves at Le Clafoutis, a Sunset Strip restaurant, and chatted with him about perhaps doing a portrait for his fortieth birthday in September 2004. He said his schedule of filming would not allow him to sit, so I let go of the idea for a while. But subsequently, I decided to do the painting, based on my memory of our interaction that Sunday morning, augmented by photos from the Internet and video from recent films. The painting was done, not for commercial purposes, but with the idea of making a gift of the portrait to him.

When I finished the painting, I contacted an acquaintance at Creative Artists Agency in August 2004 and was informed that CAA would gladly facilitate the gift and forward the portrait to Mr. Reeves. As I was instructed, I suitably boxed the painting and delivered it to CAA on August 26, 2004. A few days later and again in November 2004, I was informed that the painting had been sent on to Mr. Reeves within a day or two of its delivery to CAA. Thereafter, I reasonably assumed that my work had been received by Mr. Reeves, though I had received no acknowledgment from him. "Oh well, such is life."

In 2006, however, I encountered Mr. Reeves again outside Le Clafoutis. I reminded him of our earlier conversation and inquired if he had received the painting. Mr. Reeves replied that he had not. Indeed, he seemed to have no knowledge of the painting whatsoever. Perhaps he assumed I was up to something, but he was polite and definite that he knew nothing of it.

Once again, I contacted CAA and was assured the painting had been sent to him. Obviously, someone was lying. I was unable to forget the look on Mr. Reeves' face when I asked him about the painting. His puzzlement was so genuine that I knew in my gut he had not received it. Understandably, I was unhappy that the valuable work of art I created as a gift for Mr. Reeves had apparently disappeared, so I decided to look into it further.

My able and persistent attorney sent several letters to CAA that went unanswered. Finally he threatened to demand from their general counsel an accounting in court. Miraculously the missing portrait surfaced within days. "We have located the painting." Long story short, I found that I had been misled, and the painting had never left CAA. It even moved with them from Wilshire Boulevard to their new signature headquarters in Century City. Someone there really liked it.

I have retrieved the painting from its kidnappers. Perhaps I will yet have the chance to give it to Mr. Reeves.


Clarity: said...

Wow, that painting is really magnificent. I'm sure Mr. reeves will appreciate it once he gets it.

parrishgrady said...

Dear Louis Briel,

Not that I would ever think that someone from an agency that is supposed to look out for Keanu's best interests, would ever think that it was in any way acceptable behavior to steal a gift (especially one so beautifully done and with lots of heart in it) that was meant for him. And not even tell him they received it, is so inconceivable to me. I am so glad that you did get it back but I sure hope you can get it into the hands of Keanu Reeves himself this time. They should have, at the very least arrange that for you considering how long you had to wait and all the trouble you had to do to get it back. I wounder if this person should even be in that Agency at all. It seems to me that it must have had to have been someone way up in the ranks or else that person should be fired. In my opinion. I know if someone in my company did that to one of my clients well that would be the very least they could expect. I applaud you persistence and of course wanted you to know that I love the painting as well. Thanks for letting us take a look at it. I do have to admit that I too love it and wouldn't mind having it hang in my Keanu Reeves Tribute wall, in my home. But unlike the person who stole it I would never just take it from it's rightful owner.

I would love to get notice if you ever get it to him and to let us (Keanu loving fans) know when you do. I am sure he would be so grateful for the efforts. He is not a vain man but I bet he would love having it in his mothers home. I am a mother and I know I would love to have a portrait of my son like this in my home. If would be nice also to see it in a museum as well but it is great that you gave it to him for his own use.

Thanks again for this painting.

parrishgrady said...
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Fauve said...

It's beautiful!
But I don't think I would know what to do with a painting of MYSELF if someone would paint one of me!!! I mean, maybe I would give it to my mom... ;)

parrishgrady said...

Dear fauve, Don't you think it would look nice in a museum. I mean they do have places like wax museums and Hollywood collections in places. I guess it would be nice at Fox Studios somewhere too. But like you said at his mothers home as well. I just was to glad that I got to see a picture of it...though I would love to see in in real life too. I know that I would love to have it on my Keanu Reeves Tribute wall. And it would look really good in my friends room dedicated to him as well. Don't laugh, now. We are one in probably millions of fans that have gone nuts over the man but Hey there are worse additions. LOL!

parrishgrady said...

Dear Mr Briel,
Maybe you can you maybe tell Keanu to auction the painting off to the highest bidder to raise money for the StandUp2cancer fund. I don't know if you knew that Keanu is a supporter and it would make him so happy to have the money go to this cause. Kim Reeves has been battling cancer for a long time. He is also in the public service announcement recently released. So I this amazing work of yours could make him smile to know that this is where it would go. I think it would make him proud. *smiles*

Louis Briel / Portrait Painter said...


That is a splendid idea, and I feel sure it would meet with Mr. Reeves' approval - the problem is getting to him. I already have learned how 'helpful' his agents are. So, if you have suggestions, please e-mail me at


Mr Keanu Reeves said...

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